About Me!

Who is Tosin Moji?

24 year old writer, worship leader, musician, lover of Jesus 🙂

I love music. I love Jesus. That’s pretty much what you’ll get on here 🙂 I talk music (mostly gospel), entertainment, my own personal thoughts…and anything else I choose to randomly write about!

Some random facts that you probably don’t care about but I’ll tell you anyway 😉

I’m Nigerian…but you’ll also find me claiming Haiti

I love cheese.

I can be quite dramatic and can often be found performing random monologues..I’m not talking to myself tho..I promise

I play the piano, the clarinet, and I sing!…well I guess I can strum some chords on the guitar too..

I love basketball…mostly the Celtics…but basketball in general…but I love the Celtics….yea #dontjudgeme

I received my BA in Journalism and Media Studies in 2009 along with a BA in Music…oh and a minor in Psychology..lol

Now I’m getting my MA in Music and Music Education at a pretty prominent school 🙂 Say hello to your future music educator!

Feel free to visit my official website.

Thanks for visiting my page!!

No Fear…All Faith


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