Damita Haddon: Lyric Video Launch

On Thursday, May 31st, Tyscot Music & Entertainment will host the virtual lyric video debut of Damita’s current radio single “Won’t Turn Back”.

The lyric video will feature the hot track and never before seen images of Ms. Damita.  Won’t Turn Back is the current single from the upcoming project Anticipation, to be released July 24th.

“Won’t Turn Back” is a fun song that also carries a strong message of staying with God no matter the circumstances.

Written by Damita and produced by, Fredrick “Blaze” Crawford, the song’s declarative lyrics say, “I’ve been running for You a long time and I won’t turn back, No I won’t turn back, I’ll keep on Running!”  Throughout the song, she expresses her commitment to God with the lyrics, “With you by my side, I know I can win, You’re my Guide and You’re my closest Friend-I won’t turn Back!”

On May 31st, Damita fans will be treated to a musically unique and visually electrifying lyric video which will debut on Tyscot Music and Entertainment’s Youtube channel, Tyscot TV (www.youtube.com/Tyscottv).

In addition, several key Gospel Entertainment sites have also joined Tyscot in hosting Damita’s video including:

JTA Promotions Youtube channel

Damita will release the follow-up to her acclaimed album, No Looking Back, on July 24th.  For those who purchase the album via iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Digital 7, fans will be treated to a Deluxe version of the Anticipation album which will include a brand new, never-released bonus track, her previous hit single “No Looking Back” and its video which has generated nearly 1 million views on Youtube.

Anticipation will be available in stores and online July 24th.  The current single, “Won’t Turn Back” can be heard on radio stations across the country.  If you haven’t heard it on your favorite station, request it today.


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