Job 1: Can You Worship God in the Storm?

This is our first bible study…Yay 🙂 What I will do is break up the chapter into groups of verses and we’ll study that way! I may post questions, add my own thoughts, etc. Please feel free to answer my questions and let me know what you’ve learned from the chapter. Oh, and make sure you have your bible with you so you can “study to show yourself approved”! So here goes Job chapter 1…..

Verse 1-5

So I like to call these verses Job’s brief bio. If he had a twitter it would probably read something like:

I own a lot of livestock. I’m the richest man in the East. I love my 10 kids #TeamJesus

Job was blameless and upright, he feared God and shunned evil and he was known as the greatest man in the East. Why was he the greatest? He had 10 children (7 sons/3 daughters), 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 donkeys and a lot of servants.

Job was rich. He had it all. In today’s terms he would most likely be #1 on Forbes list of World’s Richest People. But even with all that, he didn’t neglect God. We see that not only does he make sacrifices to God for himself but he does so on behalf of his children.

His children loved to party. The brothers took turns holding feast at each others house and because Job didn’t really know what they were doing he would sacrifice a burnt offering for them just in case they did something against God. I always wondered why this part was in here, it seemed a little random. But reading it over, I see an example of a great father. He was constantly praying of behalf of his children! I think that’s applicable to all parents!

Verse 6-12

So now after we’ve learned a little bit about Job, Satan enters the scene. He’s been going back and forth on the earth trying to find someone to tempt. God is like “Satan, have you considered my servant Job?”. When I read that I was like whoa! God how you gonna turn Job in like that? It’s crazy! But, it also shows the confidence that God had in Job’s love for Him. God was so confident that Job would not sin against Him that he was willing to test his faith. To me, that’s an honor. It made me think has God ever said “Have you considered my servant Tosin?”. Is God so confident in our relationship that He believes nothing Satan does to me will affect it? What about you? Has God ever said “Have you considered my servant _____” with confidence that you would pass the test?

This made me think of something else. Many times when we are faced with attacks from the enemy we begin to lose faith, doubt, and even question God’s love for us. But we need to begin looking at it like this. From these scriptures we know that, if we truly are children of God, Satan can’t touch us or our stuff without God’s permission. Therefore, if we truly are children of God, and we are facing attacks it is because God has given Satan permission. And if God has given Satan permission it’s because he sees us as “blameless and upright, a man (or woman) who fears God and shuns evil” (v. 8). God trusts you to pass the test! Think about that next time you’re facing a situation 🙂

But Satan didn’t agree with God (as usual). He said the only reason why Job loves and fears you is because of everything that you have given him. But I promise you if you take all that away he will definitely curse you. Yup, that’s what Satan said to God in a nutshell. Read it at verse 9. The sad part is that for some of us that statement is correct. We only love God because of the blessings he has given us. The nice job, car, house, etc. We need to get to a place where we truly love God just because…he’s God!

But anyway, we see that God wasn’t going to let Satan talk to Him like that and get away with it so God’s like: Okay so you think Job just loves me for what I can do? Fine, you have permission to do anything to his belongings but don’t touch him. (v. 12)

And Satan took God up on the offer.

Verse 13-19

So in these verses, Job gets hit 4 times with bad news. First, he hears that his oxen and donkeys were attacked. Second, his sheep and servants were killed. Third, his camels were taken. Fourth, his children were killed. In a day, everything that made Job the greatest man in the East was taken from him. What’s crazy about this though is that the messengers came while the other was “still speaking”. So Job didn’t even have a chance to digest the first bad news before the next messenger came with more. It’s like your neighbor calling you at work to tell you your car just got stolen and while he’s calling another neighbor calls to tell you your house is on fire and as that’s happening your boss walks in to hand you your pink slip and then you get a call from the hospital saying you’ve lost a family member. All in a couple minutes. How would you feel? I can’t imagine anyone feeling good about that! But what happens next really shows the love that Job had for God…and it’s a great example for all of us.

Verse 20-22

Job has just heard all the bad news he could take for one day. The Bible says he tore his robe and shaved his head. Basically he begins to grieve. It is okay to grieve! But what I love about this is what he does next: He worships God. After everything that just happened, Job still worships God! Many of us can’t say we have gone through half of what Job went through in the way he went through it. At least I know I can’t! But we still find it hard to worship God in the bad times. Why is that? Do we really love and trust Him like we say we do? What Job says in verse 21 is very important:

Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised

Job was like look I didn’t come into this world with anything and I know nothing’s going with me when I leave. But at the end of it all, God’s name will always be praised.

Contrary to Satan’s belief, Job didn’t curse or sin against God. Job shows us that the answer to difficult situations in our life is worship!

Well, that’s what I got from Job 1! Thanks for reading. what did you learn through the chapter?

Challenge: When you’re faced with a difficult situation, turn to worship.


One thought on “Job 1: Can You Worship God in the Storm?

  1. You can tell that Job really loved God, because anyone can praise God when he has it all. But to be able to praise God in the moments after everything has been taken away, that’s true devotion. He is an great example of a servant of God.

    This is also an example of how Satan has already lost the battle. He lost even before time began, because even before God made the earth, he knew all that would happen here. God once again demonstrates why He alone is God. Satan tries to be big and bad and show up God by trying to force Job to curse God, but he falls flat. When you go up again God, you lose, big time.

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