Indie Spotlight: TRU Praise

Exciting. Creative. Crazy. Those are the three words that lead singer, Marcus Pass, used to describe the NY based group, TRU Praise.

TRU (Through Righteous Uplifting) Praise was birthed about 6 years ago out of the desire to create a “free sound”. One in which they were not confined to a particular style. “If we wanted to write in the salsa style we wanted to be free to do that”, said Pass. TRU Praise is on the path to make certain their music extends past the gospel sound.

Before putting together the group, Pass was a rapper and R&B singer. However, his transition to using his gifts for God is truly a testament to the strength that we find in Him. The day after he got saved, he had a concert in which he was going to perform a John Legend song. Instead, he was convicted to sing an original gospel song and, though it was a hard decision for him, that decision has most certainly led to great things!

TRU Praise, is releasing their debut album, Journey, on April 24th. The album title symbolizes both the “journey we have been on to complete the album…and a journey through life”, Pass explained. Each song tells a story as it flows smoothly into the next.

The message of TRU Praise is one of self acceptance. “It is okay to be who you are”, said Pass, “Whoever God made you to be. Just do what God has called you to do and I guarantee that you will be successful in Him.” His desire to push the message of self acceptance is a personal one. Initially, he felt like he wasn’t good enough and tried to be everyone but who God had called him to be. Now, with a clearer understanding of his purpose in Christ and the purpose of TRU Praise, he is out to spread that same message to the masses.

Through their ministry, TRU Praise has held onto Psalms 24:1. The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. They believe that their message extends past the church walls. “We have held on to the truth that we were not created to minister to just the church”. Their calling is to reach the churched and the un- churched.

Marcus Pass left us with a word of encouragement for independent and underground artists that are striving to develop their craft: “Do the best with what you have. God said I will supply all of your needs. Always want the best but don’t hold yourself back because you’re waiting for the best.”

Please be sure to support this awesome ministry on April 24th! Also, be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter so you can stay updated on their ventures. The release of their debut album is just the beginning. Keep them in prayer as they continue to walk in their purpose.

Listen to their single, “Glad That I’m Saved” below.

TRU Praise Facebook

TRU Praise Twitter

Marcus Pass Facebook

Marcus Pass Twitter


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