Music Review: A Prelude to Freedom Music

A Prelude to Freedom Music is the first solo effort from Evin Martin of 21:03. He released it on his site today so if you don’t have it yet you might want to head over there and download it!

I love this EP from the first song to the last.

As soon as I heard “Yeah 3x”, I was hooked. There’s very few songs that get me smiling from the very first beat but that’s exactly what this song did. The way he flipped it was amazing and actually made me forget it was a Chris Brown cover. (Travis Malloy is also responsible for this beast creation!) He enlists the help of his PAJAM family for his remake of Isaac Caree’s “In the Middle”.

I love his incorporation of CCM covers such as Third Day’s “I Remember You” and Gungor’s “You Have Me”.

Evin clearly does not want to be put into the gospel box. It’s interesting how a song like “Thinking About You” could easily be remixed into gospel, like he did for Trey Songz “Can’t Be Friends”, but he chose to keep it for what it is. And I love that! Ironically, it flows so perfectly with the other songs and the cover is absolutely beautiful.

Evin also gave us two originals (I believe!), “More than Enough” and “Closer to You”. Overall, this is a great EP! It’s good to hear his sound outside of 21:03. I look forward to hearing more!

Listen to “Yeah 3x” below!

Download A Prelude to Freedom Music


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