NEW MUSIC: Janice Gaines

If you don’t know Janice Gaines you will certainly come to know and love her after listening to her music!

Hailing from Tennessee, by way of NYC, she is one of the worship leaders for the Women of Faith conferences. She is also married to EJ Gaines, founder of GospelPundit.

Her single, “One Word”, was released on NoiseTrade earlier this month. You need to add this to your music library!

By the way, I noticed that EJ hasn’t blogged about it. I’m guessing conflict of interest. I commend him for not showing favoritism. I know that’s hard to do when you have such a talented and anointed wife! So I’m going to do it for you EJ.

Everyone should get this single! It’s free!! And it’s amazingly beautiful. What more do you want?

The only disappointment I had is that it’s not an album!!!! So, I just resulted to replaying the song over and over!

Janice Gaines is currently working on her album.


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