Twitter Fun: #WhatILoveAboutAfrica

So every now and then there is a TT (trending topic for those of you that aren’t ‘twitter-literate’) on twitter that catches my attention. So when I saw this topic I just had to add my own two cents 🙂

So here are some things I love about Africa:

1. NIGERIA! Duh, that’s where I’m from!!!!! No matter how many times I try to deny it haha

2. FOOD! I may be petite but I eat a lot, believe it or not. I love my Naija food: fried rice, jollof rice, moi moi, amala, efo stew, akara, puff puff, scotch egg…the list goes on and on!

3. FASHION! If you know me you know I don’t need to be going to an african event to wear ankara. You’ll catch me wearing that on a Sunday morning. (In fact I just wore one to church last sunday.) I love when my mom buys the fabric, sends it to nigeria and it comes back looking AMAZING! I never use to wear the head wrap (gele) but now I’m getting into that too!!

4. CULTURE! I didn’t always appreciate my culture, but the older I get the more I can appreciate it. I love the respect we have for our elders. I love how EVERYTHING is a party. I love my language and I wish I spoke it more :(. I love the Nigerian proverbs my dad says every day to teach us a lesson lol.

5. MUSIC! Well, I’m a musician so I love music in general. I remember the long car rides when that’s all my parents would play. Like can I get some Kirk Franklin PLEASE! LOL! It was definitely annoying but now I’m learning to love Fela Kuti, D’banj and everything in between…and I’m still learning

6. DETERMINATION. I think Africans are some of the most determined people I know. We are unstoppable. Always finding a way to use $1 as if it was $100. If they don’t find a job, they create one. Every African has a business lol. Success is what we all strive for.

Those are some things I love about Africa (well, nigeria!) I love being African…and I can’t wait to go back and visit my beautiful country 🙂


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