Despite reaching #1 on the Billboard Gospel Charts, FLAME’s 5th album, and 1st off his new label Clear Sight, was arguably not one of his best works. FLAME returns with, The 6th, to remind fans why he’s at the top of his game. This 15-track album explores anthropology from a Christian worldview. While the title, The 6th, recognizes this album as FLAME’s 6th one, it also symbolizes the 6th day of creation—when God created man.

FLAME does a great job at blending the gritty tracks that we love him for with the more laid back vibe we heard on Captured.

He gives us fun tracks like “Try Me” and “Running”, and breaks down the scriptures on “The Great Deception”.

“Man” is one of the shortest tracks on the album, but I wish it was longer! In it, FLAME lists many of the accomplishments of mankind but is quick to remind us that none of those accomplishments will get us into heaven.

He enlists help from label mates V.Rose and Young Noah on “Caught in the Lights”, “Against the World”, “Try Me” and “Trap Money”. “Caught in the Lights” is my personal favorite. “Fulfilling your dreams may get you out of the trap, but there is a sin problem that’s way bigger than that—the lights”. Sometimes we are too busy chasing our dreams that, though we may have good intentions, we end up further away from God—and in a worse place than where we began. Don’t chase the lights; chase Christ!

FLAME experiments with a different flow on “He Did It Again”, featuring AD3. It has a very urban/gospel feel—Kierra Sheard meets Canton Jones. It’s a different feel than what I’m used to from FLAME, but I love it.

This album also features, Thi’sl, Chris Lee, Steve T, DecembeRadio and of course an album isn’t complete these days without a feature from Lecrae.

This album is strong from start to end. But most importantly, FLAME successfully accomplishes what he set out to do: remind us that mankind is lost without God.

Track List

  1. Try Me feat. Young Noah
  2. The 6th Day feat. Chris Lee
  3. The Great Deception
  4. Show Out feat. Lecrae
  5. Trap Money feat. Thi’sl & Young Noah
  6. Man
  7. Caught in the Lights feat. V.R
  8. He Did It Again feat. AD3
  9. Scripture Alone
  10. Running feat. Steve T
  11. Against The World feat. V.Rose
  12. Devil’s Bread Intro
  13. Devil’s Bread
  14. Christ Alone
  15. Let Go feat. DecembeRadio

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