Viola Davis Embraces Her Natural Beauty!

So I didn’t watch much of the Oscars tonight. It was between that and the All Star game. Rajon Rondo was playing so you know what I had to watch lol!

But anyway, I was keeping up with the Oscar happenings through twitter and other blog sites so I was so excited to read that the talented Viola Davis let go of the wig and strutted the red carpet in all her natural beauty! She credits her decision to her husband stating:

My husband wanted me to take the wig off. He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!’

This is not her first time without a wig. Earlier this month she did a photo shoot for LA Times.

I’m so proud of her for stepping into who she is because who she is is stunning! We should all be empowered to be ourselves! And when I say that I’m not just talking about rocking the natural. If you have short relaxed hair…rock it. If you think you’re hair is too thin…rock it anyway! Too many times we’re so caught up in fitting this Hollywood image. Don’t be afraid to be you. We are all beautiful in our own way!

Thank you Mrs. Davis for reminding us of that 🙂


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