My Hair Journey

My hair was always the one feature that I loved about myself. It was long, and flowing and everybody loved it. So naturally, I loved it too. But because my hair was the only thing I felt gave me some ounce of beauty I would spend FOREVER trying to make it perfect. For instance, if I parted my hair to the left I was ugly but if I parted it to the right I was pretty. Or if I wore my hair in a ponytail I didn’t look cute, but if I wore it in a bun I felt beautiful. My hair had to fall off my shoulder at the right angle. Basically it had to be perfect.

When I was younger, wore my hair down A LOT. I loved to show how long my hair was. Here is a pic when I was 15.

It’s hard to tell from the pic, but my hair is definitely way past my shoulders. The first time I saw this picture, I cried because I didn’t realize how long my hair was!!

I kept it this length pretty much through high school. I don’t believe I did anything major to my hair until college.

My sophomore year of college, I cut it a little and colored it.

then I added bangs

Junior year began my journey of cutting my hair. It was the year I thought I was gonna go natural. I think that idea only lasted 4 months lol. In 2008 I cut and layered by hair; it still had some color in it.

In 2009, I let my hair grow out a little and I got bangs. I think this was the only day I wore my bangs full, usually I had it parted to the side:

When I graduated in 2009, I moved to Indiana (started my masters) and came back with my hair cut in 2010. This was the first time I ever cut my hair shorter than shoulder length. HAHA my mom knew this would be the first of many cuts to come!!

I really began to like the short cut on me. This was a year later:

It was at this point, January of 2011, that I decided I want to try and go natural (again). I decided I would keep cutting my hair short until I eventually just cut it all off. Nobody believed me! And I didn’t blame them since I said I’d go natural many times before and never did.

I didn’t really do any transitioning hair styles except bantu knots which I didn’t really consider a transitioning style because I was so used to doing it. That was my go-to hair style when I was past due for a perm!!

I cut my hair one last time during the late spring. After this I had my hair in braids because I knew the BC (big chop) was soon to follow and I didn’t want to risk going back to a relaxer.

This is a blow-out (no chemicals!!!)

On Jan 31st 2012, I officially cut off all my relaxed ends…and now I’m officially a natural sistah!!

I DID IT!!!! 🙂


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