If Nicki Minaj was a Christian Rapper…

So it was just yesterday I was sitting down wondering “What if someone recorded the Christian version of Nicki’s songs?”. I don’t know why I was thinking that…but I was. Anyway, today I came across my answer. Apparently some students from University of Florida remixed “Super Bass” into “Super Grace”. There’s even a video for it.

Raychel Manko, the songwriter, sings “God I need Your Hallelujah, Hallelujah grace. Give me Your super grace.” over an instrumental. I must say I couldn’t stop smiling. It was rather weird, awkwardly cute and ridiculously funny all at once. Raychel posted the lyrics on her blog page and also wrote a statement expressing how this video was not supposed to be anything more than joking around after rehearsal:

It was never meant to make some big statement. It was just for fun to bring humor to our own set of beliefs.

Whatever she meant certainly got the attention of over 150,000 viewers.


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