God is the Greatest Composer

It was just a week ago when I was getting ready to go back to work after a nice winter break. Yesterday, my position with that school was terminated.

Am I frustrated, worried, confused? Yes! I cried all day yesterday wondering what I could’ve done better, why me, where is my next paycheck going to come from? All I can think of this was supposed to be my year and it was already starting out shaky.

Then it hit me today. Wow! God really knew what he was doing. He knew this was going to happen even before I did and He found a way to provide for my needs. Let me explain. During my winter break, I received an email from a parent who wanted piano lessons for his son. This same parent had emailed me a couple months back but nothing ever came out of our conversation. This time we were able to set up lesson times and negotiate a fee. A day later, I received another email from a parent who was seeking math tutoring for her son; I also added him to my schedule. On my second visit with the 1st parent, he had also informed me that he wanted voice lessons for his daughter. My third lesson set :-). At that time, I was thinking “great…I have some extra money coming in apart from my paycheck”. I was already satisfied and comfortable with my paycheck but some extra cash never hurts! Who knew today that that extra cash would be the only cash.

Now when I look back, I see that God was carefully orchestrating my path. He knew that I was going to lose my job so He provide me with another way to support myself even before I realized it. Yes, it is not close to what I was making before; but I am convinced that my God who provided me with the job will provide me with another one.

This is a test of faith and I am in it to pass. This scripture as been on my heart all day:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” (Job 1:21)

The Lord has given and now he has taken it away; regardless, He still deserves all the praise. I may not understand it right now but I am certain and convinced that everything will work out for my good.

God is the greatest composer. He is carefully notating every note in my life until the full piece is completed. There are times when I analyze a piece of music and I don’t understand why a composer did what he or she did in a particular measure but it still adds beauty to the piece. This is that measure in my life. He knows exactly what he is doing and I just need to sit back and enjoy the music.

I thank God for the joy He has given me. It is well.

No Fear…All Faith,

Tosin Moji


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