Interview with Marcia Sapp

I got to chat with the lovely Marcia Sapp before her live recording. Check it out below!

TosinMojiSpeaks: How are you doing today? You ready for tonight?

Marcia: Yes Ma’am

TosinMojiSpeaks: I understand that this is the second time that you’re doing this live recording.

Marcia: Yes it is. We did the first one in January, on January 21st of this year and experienced some difficulty with the harddrive and we weren’t able to experience the date from it. So here we are again.

TosinMojiSpeaks: I’m sure it will be great! So how did you get started in music?

Marcia: Well, you know, my mom who actually will be singing a song with me tonight

TosinMojiSpeaks: Oh okay

Marcia: –started my family as a singing group. We used to have rehearsal in the little music room we had in our house and our oldest brother would be playing the piano and we would sing these cute little songs and we would sing at different churches in South Jersey as the Sapp Family when I was very very young. Ever since them I’ve just been singing. Probably came out the womb singing!

TosinMojiSpeaks: [laughs] So you said your brother plays the piano. Do you play as well?

Marcia: I play a little little bit, but not really. I wouldn’t call myself a musician yet. Maybe a budding, really early early budding musician [laughs]. But, my oldest brother plays keyboards and probably about five other instruments. He’s wonderful and my youngest brother also plays the drums. My oldest brother is going to accompany me on “Worship the Lamb” tonight and my youngest brother is going to play a song called “Trouble in My Way”.

TosinMojiSpeaks: Wow, that’s great. So when did you feel the calling to pursue this recording?

Marcia: Well, I’ve been wanting to record a solo piece for many, many years and just never stepped out on faith to do it. Then when I finally decided I have to do this. Period. There are no excuses I just have to do it. When I decided that, almost immediately the doors opened up for me to do it. It’s really amazing.

TosinMojiSpeaks: Wow, that is!

Marcia: Like I said I’ve been singing since a small child. I started traveling nationally and internationally with the NJ Mass Choir in my teens and then in my early 20s began to sing with a lot of different professional choirs. So I’m on a lot of different recordings but this is the first one that I’ve done on my own and I’m very very excited about it.

TosinMojiSpeaks: How was it like traveling with the NJ Mass Choir?

Marcia: It was really an invaluable experience. Donnie Harper was the leader of the group and I just learned so much. I just don’t know how else to describe it except for an extremely valuable learning experience. Everything from the travel to making the plans to putting things together to making sure that you’re on time to putting on your best face…just so many lessons I learned. It was really an incredible experience.

TosinMojiSpeaks: So with all these learning experiences, who would you describe as your musical mentor?

Marcia: I have several. My first is my mom, Reverend Franscena Sapp. I would say that Donnie Harper absolutely has had a lot of influence on my life. The late Reverend Timothy Wright, I traveled with his choir from 2005 to about 2008. He was just another incredible person to be around. Quite a mentor.

TosinMojiSpeaks: Oh okay

Marcia: Then, just some people that I have watched from afar. They never really laid their hands on me and mentored me but just people that I was able to listen to their music and say ‘Wow this is nice music’ and I’ll grab a little piece of it. People like Karen Clark Sheard, Kim Burrell, and some other incredible people.

TosinMojiSpeaks: So how would you describe your music?

Marcia: The first word that came to me was alive. I would describe my music as alive. [laughs]. I guess the reason why that word came to my mind is that I want music that doesn’t just sound good but I want music that inspires people, that helps people to grow that makes people feel closer to the Lord that can break strongholds that can heal people. I want to have music that does more than entertain or sell, but actually ministers to people.

TosinMojiSpeaks: So lets’s talk a little about your music.

Marcia: Okay

TosinMojiSpeaks: I believe your first single was “But He Failed”.

Marcia: Yes

TosinMojiSpeaks: What’s the background of that song. How did it come to be?

Marcia: Actually, I was in my bedroom one night and I was cleaning the room. It was late, around 2 in the morning. I just began to think about all the different things the devil had done to try to kill me and it didn’t work! And the melody came to my mind, [sings] tried and he tried and he tried, but he failed..

TosinMojiSpeaks: You betta sing!

Marcia: And I was just like yea! That melody just stayed with me and then one day, I sing at a noon day service at St. James AME Church in Newark every Wednesday. One Wednesday I went in and talk to the minister of music and I was like, you know I got this little melody I think it might work. He was like let’s try it! So we tried it and we were like I bet that’ll work! So we just went and did it one noon day service and the song went over so well! The saints just went up in praise and Dr. ? wasn’t able to preach, which is very rare. As a matter a fact I don’t think that’s ever happened since I’ve been there. It was just very well received because it’s just such a simple song that everyone can relate to

TosinMojiSpeaks: Amen. So do you have a title for the album yet?

Marcia: I’m leaning towards But He Failed

TosinMojiSpeaks: But He Failed…

Marcia: Yea, I think it may be But He Failed

TosinMojiSpeaks: Did you write all the songs?

Marcia: I’ve written most of the songs actually. With the exception of two songs, everything that I’m going to do tonight is something that I wrote or co wrote. I co wrote “I Shall Live”. I came to Carlton with the concept and he filled in the some of the gaps. The rest of them I wrote.

TosinMojiSpeaks: So tonight will be my first time hearing you live! I’ve heard some clips on Youtube and I am very excited. What can I expect from this live recording?

Marcia: What can you expect? Well, I think you can expect to hear some songs that really come from the heart. You can expect to hear some incredible background singers. You can expect to hear some really good arrangements and music that will touch your heart. It won’t just sound good to your ears, but it will minister to you.

TosinMojiSpeaks: Amen. What’s one thing that you want people to take away from your ministry.

Marcia: I want people to be healed. I want them to be healed when they come away from my ministry. I want them to say “Wow that really blessed me. That soothed something on the inside of me that just changed something in me”.

TosinMojiSpeaks: That’s awesome. I’m truly looking forward to a blessing tonight. Where can people go to find out more about you. Do you have a facebook, twitter, or website?

Marcia: Yea. I am on facebook. I am on twitter although I don’t tweet that much—

TosinMojiSpeaks/Marcia: [laughs]

Marcia: I did tweet about tonight but I’m not like one of those viral tweeters—

TosinMojiSpeaks: [laughs] Yea, that’s always on it like me

Marcia: Yea [laughs], but my website is You can get information about things that I’m doing through there. Actually we will be launching a new site very shortly.

TosinMojiSpeaks: Great! Well as I said I’m excited to hear your ministry tonight.

Marcia: Praise God

TosinMojiSpeaks: Thank you for allowing me to chat with you really quick before your recording.

Marcia: Well thank you for coming! Thank you so much for coming.

TosinMojiSpeaks: Anytime.


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